Boquete Panama Gourmet Coffee

La Gran Montana

La Gran Montana Boquete Panama Coffee

Johann came to Boquete to retire and ended up producing some of the best coffee in the Volcancito and Palmira Arriba regions of Boquete. Volcancito and Palmira Arriba are high on the sides of Volcan Baru. The volcanic soil, drainage and climate of the mountains makes for a prime crop. The hand picking, solar drying […]

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Able Serracin

Finca Villa Estrella Boquete Coffee and Moca Java

In the late 1880’s, an Italian man named Antonio Saraceni left the burgeoning outpost of Panama City and departed into the jungle for points unknown. No one knows what inspired him (and his six companions) to ride into the wilderness, just as the story of the journey has been lost to time. What we do know is […]

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Boquete Boutique Coffee22

What is Boquete Panama Coffee

Simply Boquete Panama, a small agricultural in the highlands of Western Panama produces some of the best coffee in the world. Coffee from Boquete Panama wins awards year after year for it’s various Arabicas coffees. Boquete Panama Coffee is different, it is worth the cost of something unique, this link explains why, link The most […]

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Boquete Panama Coffee every Month

I have been asked if I can do a subscribe and save plan for people who want to receive a pound of Boquete coffee each month. This is the plan. You subscribe at $15.95 billing per month, $17.95 to Canada. I will ship you  Boquete coffee each month based upon crop availability. You will receive […]

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Boquete Panama Coffee

Cafe Ferdabella

The story of Cafe Ferdabella is short. We purchased the finca in 2006, it had about one half a hectare of coffee plants, some very old. Working with local resources we eliminated the old plants and added about 1,200 geisha plants. Now years later we have a unique estate blend of Caturra, Bourbon and Geisha […]

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Finca Vista Encanto Boquete Coffee

Finca Vista Encanto Boquete Coffee and now Geisha Coffee

Finca Vista Encanto (Enchanted View Farm) a boutique coffee farm located in Alto Jarramillo, Boquete Panama at an altitude of 1500 meters (5,000 ft). Voted #1 coffee at the 2011 Boquete coffee cook-off. Our Arabica coffee is a blend of Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai coffees. It is shade grown in rich volcanic soil. Our coffee […]

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Boquete Coffee Cafe de la Luna

Cafe de Luna Organic Boquete Coffee from Dos Jefes

Finca Dos Jefes, is in the El Salto area of Boquete, Panama – a coffee growing region referred to as the Napa Valley of coffee. It’s rich volcanic soil and ideal climate produce some of the finest coffees in the world. We have set out to grow the healthiest, most natural, and most flavorful coffee […]

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Suarez Boquete coffee

Suarez Boquete Coffee

The Suarez family has been growing coffee in Boquete since 1900. I rarely find their coffee beans available in local markets. We are shipping  medium roast ground and whole bean. It is grown in the Alto Quiel region of Boquete’s highlands. Packed in 400 Gram vacuum bags, $16.95, both whole bean and ground too. I […]

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Palo Alto Boquete Coffee

Palo Alto Boquete Coffee

The McIntyre family has roots in Canada is one of the founding families of Boquete Panama. They are in the coffee business. They grow and process my favorite commercial coffee blend in Boquete. It is available both as whole bean and ground in vacuum sealed bags. It is what I drink at home after we […]

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Ruiz Boquete Panama Coffee

Ruiz Family Boquete Coffee

For three generations the Ruiz family has been growing coffee in Boquete Panama. They have evolved from a single farm into many farms and so processing, roasting and packaging not ony for themselves but for many smaller growers. They now have several estates and various blends. We are offering the basic export blend in different […]

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